About Us

We’ve been doing this
a long time, but we’re always
learning something new.

Washington’s dairy farmers help make our state a unique, special, and amazing place to live.
That’s why we champion, promote and give voice to their products and the businesses and organizations that support them.

Meet the Board

Michelle Schilter

Western Washington at-Large

Tony Veiga

Vice Chair
District 3

Jim Werkhoven

Washington State at-Large

Adam Dolsen

Eastern Washington at-Large

Lynne Wheeler

District 1

Lana Smaciarz

District 2

Kristyn Mensonides

District 3

Dick Bengen

District 4

Randy Eronimous

Darigold Representative

Ignacio Marquez

WSDA Representative

The Dairy Farmers of
Washington Staff

Scott Kinney


Tara Hastings

Innovation and Inclusion Officer

Celeste Piette

Operations and Business Management Sr. Director

Debra French

Partnership Development Sr. Director

Kimmi Devaney

Community Relations Director

Jeff Steele

Partnership Development Director

Tim Pierson

Partnership Development Manager

Dryke Martin

Retail Development Manager

Kelsey Dillon

Marketing and Communications Manager

Steve Seppi

Creative Director

Lindsay Reller

Graphic Designer, Project Manager

Brianne Kappel

Community Relations Manager

Kaysha Keel

Community Relations Project Manager

Annie Chriscaden

Operations and Administrative Specialist